How do we move forward and reserve a date?

A 50% deposit and signed contract will reserve your date.

Will you shoot fewer hours to save money?

No.  Shooting fewer hours not only shortens your film, but it makes it difficult to tell the complete story of the day.  Because we want you to love your film, shooting less hours degrades the strength and structure of the film.

Who shoots our wedding film?

Larry Marshall is always the primary cinematographer who shoots every film.

Can we get the raw footage?

Yes, you can!  For a fee, Marshall Camera will release the raw footage to you on a hard drive (we supply).  The raw footage is completely untouched, individual video clips.

Do you use bright lights that will ruin the atmosphere we’ve created?

Our cameras are cinema level cameras that function very well in low light, so we do not mount lights onto our cameras.  In fact, your guests will assume we are photographers!  However, you’re hiring Marshall Camera to capture imagery, and if the reception is too dark to even see faces, external lights are used.  They blend in with the venue’s lights, and are dimmable so they do not change the atmosphere of the venue.

Do you charge travel fees?

Travel fees exist for locations outside a 25 mile radius of downtown Indianapolis, IN and Lafayette, IN.  Marshall Camera loves to travel!

How do you capture audio?

Audio is half the equation with our films, so clear audio is essential.  By using wireless mics and even tapping into the venue’s audio board, we can accept all audio signals from your vendors for optimal sound.

Do you conduct interviews with guests?

No.  While some videographers do this, it’s not really our style.

What if a guest knocks over your $10,000 camera?

Marshall Camera has both gear insurance and liability insurance.

Can we use any music we want?

Music is extremely important to the films.  It should advance the story and match the tone of the imagery.  In addition, it must be legally licensed, so we can not use your first dance song.  All of the music in our films are licensed through various music sources, and we retain final decisions with music selection.  Trust us, while you may think a certain song is perfect for you before the wedding, it actually may not fit the tone and scope of the wedding at all!  We select custom music for every film.

How long does it take to receive the film?

So that the films are not rushed and each wedding gets the attention it deserves, our films take between 4-6 months to be delivered.  Rest assured, it’s always as soon as possible.  If you can’t wait, you can always get a Teaser Trailer.

How do you deliver the product?

Marshall Camera has changed over to online, digital delivery, but you can still order custom engraved USB thumb drives..  You’ll be able to watch, share, and download your wedding with digital delivery.  You’ll receive the highest quality file possible straight from our editing suite.  Duplication is a snap…you can make as many copies as you want, no fees!